Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sadness and Angry!

Today is Hari Ko-kurikulum.The activity we have are aerobic,kawat kaki from each uniform body and performance from students of SMK IJC-Gymstrada.

We begin our hari ko-kurikulum with perhimpunan rasmi,continue with aerobic competition *final*,after that I'm not sure what's the activity called but the activity is fashion show *lousy want* and cultural dance.All is present by our school's students and IJC's student.Then we go for recess after that is kawat kaki competition and lastly,prizes given. *the most anxiuos situation*

Aerobic competition
Begin with 2M,continue with 4 Science 2,4 Science 1,2B,1M and lastly 4PA.
Before my class going to perform,I was super duper worry because I'm affraid that I will doing wrong steps but thankGod,I didn't.
I'm very angry when somebody scolded me and say our class copy their class steps.Don't you think you girls are so childish.Who wants to copy your class steps,we think our own steps kay.Arghh!!! *they're such a perasan class*
I will not talk much about the aerobic dance because I'm very angry of it!

IJC Performance
I love the IJC's performance,it's rocks!I'm not sure about the theme or title but I know is about teddy bear.I love their teddies,it's so awesome!Anyway,good job,IJC's girls.Hope to see you girls again next year!

Kawat Kaki competition
It's a serious situation.Some cried and some smiled.
Nothing much to talk about this.

Prizes given
Ewwwwwww!I hate this because is so anxious.

-2nd:4 Science 1
-4th:4 Science 2
-5th:4PA *sadness*

Kawat Kaki
-Champion:Renjer Puteri *proud of it*
-3rd:Puteri Islam
-5th:Pandu Puteri

I'm quite sad because not going to Genting and KL already because KL's hotel no room for us! *sob*

Monday, July 23, 2007


This morning was Aerobic competition and just for Form 1,2 and 4 to join.It's a compulsory competition.
Before the competition start,I was super duper anxious.I just keep on telling them smile during our class perform,don't forget all the steps and be more semangat.At last,they did it.I was so happy when see they did it!
*thank God*
Beside that,the judges will choose 6 class to perform for the final.And our class got into the final!
When the results announced,I shouted like hell,because I can't imagine our class will get into the final.
After the results announced we went back to class.
When stepped into the class,mostly every girls thanks Chee Fong and I.
*we're the two who taught them*
And I would like to say welcome and thanks for all your co-opperation.So do the bestest for the final which is on this coming Wednesday.
We just left one day to practice so I hope all of you will do your best okay?
*pray for us*
Well,no picture for the aerobic dance because cannot bring camera.So maybe I will post up the final pictures as soon as possible.

Friday, July 20, 2007

My most tiring day!

Today is such a tiring day for me and I think for everyone who involve in the aerobic competiton on the coming Monday.
We keep on practice in each period and for sure we need rest,if not we gonna faint under the HOT sun.
I shouted and scolded all of my class's students,because they don't even listen to me when I talk.Is last day for us to practice and they don't even memorise all the step that I have taught them.
at last they did it.I felt so happy when I saw them do it really well in the last practice we had before finish school.
I hope all of you will do your best in the competition.We don't need to win but atleast show out your hard work during the competition.That's all I can say!I know we have not enough time to practice because of some reasons.
*wish us luck*
So,4PA girls,I hope all of you will show your hard work during the competition to all the teachers and students in our school!Don't let them look down at us!
GO 4PA!GO GO 4PA!!!!!
*love ya girls*
I can't wait to go Genting!
Well that's all i guess for today post.
Gotta bounce now......

Monday, July 16, 2007


1st of all,I want to thanks my Account's teacher.Because she is a very good teacher and she treat us so good.When we have problem in our studies,she will teach us.
*proud of it*
And now,we really improve a lot and have a good result.Mostly is from my bunch of friends who really improve a lot and get good result.
I think today is the most happy day for Chee Fong and I because we got the highest mark in Account paper.We got 93/100 mann!
*laugh and shout-out-really-loud*
Sadly,this is just a monthly test!
If this marks will maintain until my end-year-examination,this is just the time for us to laugh and shout-out-really-loud until get sore throat.
Thanks again to my dearest teacher!
Well,I just take 6 subjects for my this monthly test,the another 3 subjects I will not take because I will not in Malacca.I will going to Genting on next Saturday *28/7/2007.
*can't wait*
I will going to Genting because my dad having a dinner at there and we need to go too.So I have to miss my examination.
My friends,don't worry.I will buy for you guys some souvenirs.
Chia Yean

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


All right,I have not been update my blog for pass few days this is because I'm quite busy.
Okay,I will try to post as much as I can.
Nothing happen on the passed few days and I jusy LOVE today,because I really had lots of fun with my bunch of FRIENDS!
*you guys had fun too,right?*
Well,let me tell you guys what had happened in school.
Buddhist society had plan to do sandwich during meeting.Morning when assembly,one of the teacher make an announcement about all FORM 4 student have a ceramah during meeting.And all of us are like whattheheck man?Because we brought all the sandwic stuffs to school and get ready to do sandwic.But is okay,because we plan to do the sandwic during recess time.
Recess Time
We bring all our sandwic stuffs to the canteen and we start to do our sandwic.It's really fun because we have not been doing like this during school time before.
Bell Ring
*back to class continue study*
We have not finish our sandwic so we plan to continue doing it after school which is also before going ceramah.We talk and laugh together,and we had also plan to make a party after exam which is also during August holiday.Hope everyone will come.We just love party!
Start tomorrow.And have BM,Accounts and Art papers.
Just hope to get better results compare with my mid-year exammination results.
Wish me luck all my dearest friends out there!
That's all for today post.
*going to study*

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Outing is fun!

Outing is PRETTY FUN!And yes!I mean it is really fun!
Nowadays,in all shopping mall are having MEGA SALE!Lots of things to buy but need $$$$$$!
*sigh and sadness*
Well,this afternoon I went to Mahkota and Dataran Pahlawan with Vivian.Bought something at Hush Puppies and had our lunch at Pizza Hut.And I miss the chance to see Amber Chia,really sad!
After that,I went to my daddy's shop for a while then went Tesco with mummy and aunt.Bought some pizza stuffs for tomorrow breakfast.
And bought some foods and snacks for my cousins who live in Muar.Gonna visit them tomorrow!
And had our dinner at Portugis Sattlement,Ikan Bakar!
*emmm yummies*
No photo for today because daddy brought the camera to Hong Kong already!
That's all for today......
With peace,
Chia Yean

Friday, July 6, 2007

Happy Friday

It's Friday!!
I just love Friday because back from school early,don't need to suffer at my SUPER DUPER stupid homeworks,sleep late,do outing and lots more.
Anyway,I don't have much to talk at here today so lets the photo go through this post

Well,my friend just back from Singapore and she bought for me some canned drinks

Did you want


*is a carbonated drink*



*is a non-carbonated drink*


Anything? + Whatever?

And next


*mua favourite drink*

Till here.....

Thursday, July 5, 2007

1st Post *5th July 2007

Well,go school as usual,and today lessons are quite boring.
Do experiment
*don't know what experiment is that also*
Do notes
Nothing much,just study
*boring subject ever*
Aerobic dance
I'm loving it because is the time to lets our GANG talk,laugh,eat and drink
Do notes
*till now,I don't understand what the teacher teach also*
It's the time to lets us chit-chat again
*the teacher didn't teach all the time,WORST!*
And lastly,BALIK KAMPUNG!!!!!!
Lunch Time!
Having lunch with mummy at Thai's Restaurant near Melaka Raya
With love,
Chia Yean