Thursday, August 30, 2007

An early National Day celebration!

Celebrated an early National Day at school this morning.The programs are Merdeka Walk,choral speaking and singing competition.It's not fun at all because all of us who going to marching yesterday are extremly tired!We don't have energy to walked 2km along the road.
After merdeka walk,went to recess for 30 minutes.We didn't eat at all but we drank box drinks only.After that,went back to class.They practiced singing because we involved in the singing competition but me and Chee Fong didn't sing along with them because we sleeping.Hahahahahahaa!
Finish praticed,went to the hall.Some teachers given speech and one outsider given speech too.Her speech is super duper long,she talked about 1 hour!All of us are going to fall asleep.After that,the choral speaking and singing competition started.
I love 2M choral speaking,it's was fun and cute!Jia Lin,did you heard it?ahahhahaah!When my class sing,I didn't sing at all.But our class got 2nd in the singing competition.2M got 1st in the choral speaking.Congrats everyone but not my class,heheheheeheeheh!
Need some rest now,going to wake up extremly early tomorrow!Going to march for 4km tomorrow again!Sigh!
Good luck everyone who involved in the parade!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I'm extremly TIRED!!!!!!!
Went marching yesterday morning and this morning.Yesterday was quite okay because we only marched 1 round from Padang Pahlawan to Dataran Pahlawan Megamall entrance.Marching was quite okay because only 15 of us going.We waited at there so long then just started the parade.
This morning was quite okay too!Saw many of my friends there.Today still the same,we waited for so long just started.Saw SGM members too,chit-chated with them.Their marching are CUTE!hahahahhaha!
Today we marched longer,from Padang Pahlawan to Kubu,it's extremly tired!We went back to school about 11.30 a.m and it's so early,heeeeeeee.We just too lazy to study and tired.
When we arrived school,we straight went to canteen to had our rest.After that,went back to class continue our studies but we didn't concerntrated because we fall asleep!
After school,everyone who involve in choral speaking and singing competition tomorrow need to stay back,our class involved in the singing competition so we have no choice,STAYED BACK!Planed to skip school tomorrow because too tired,but failed!Our teacher said she will punnished us if we didn't go to school tomorrow.Sigh!
Gonna take more rest for the coming Friday,National Day!Renjer Puteri and Pandu Puteri of CCS must do the best okay?CCS's PBSM do the best too!
ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Party and Seremban trip!!!

Barbecue party at my house last Friday.It was pretty fun and we celebrated Mei Fen's birthday too.Mei Fen and Chee Fong came first and Si Jing and Vivian came along too.Next are Bee Kee and her bf.Chiew Siang was late for the party.


Our cups! Designed by me! heeehehh!

the birthday girl!


My sister and me


C.Fong and Vivian

we look so weird...heheeeee!

the funny dad and daughter

1 day trip to Seremban!!!

Went Seremban with SGM (Malacca) members.4 bus went there for Cultural Show 2007.Start our journey at 2 p.m and arrived there about 4 something,went Giant for shopping about 1 hour.After that we went for dinner,after dinner we straight away went to Stadium Tertutup Nilai for the show!

All the performances was GREAT!I really LOOOVVVVEEEEE all the performances super duper much!Their performers all are from different states but most of the performers are from Seremban.They also invited Korea SGI members for the show and KSGI members did performed their cultural dance too.And not to forget,our Malacca members did performed too,they performed Portuguese Dance and it was AWESOME!!!I hope when our turn,Malacca to perform,it will be that great too!

Picturesssss again....

Si Jing,Vivian,me


Si Jing,Vivian,Biar



Stadium Tertutup Nilai

Open ceremony

24 season drums


Corak Dinamik

Junior dance

Malay dance

Chinese dance

Indian dance

Portuguese dance


Artistic dance

Korean dance-Hwimori


Creatif dance

Gymnastic-Soft gym

Gymnastic-Hard gym
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