Monday, September 24, 2007

Exam is coming real S O O N !!!

Exam start on next Thursday
I'm super duper nervous!
First paper-Account,my one and only subject that got confident to score well but I'm still nervous!And we need to sit for 3 to 4 papers a day.Sigh!Sit for exam is not fun at all,I prefer study than exams.
PMR begin on Monday,GOOD LUCK to all my friends who sit for PMR,and not forgetting,ALL THE BEST to all the Form 5s' who sit for their trails now and the Form 4s' who sit for end-year examination soon!
G O O D L U C K!
A D I O U S !
SGM's Sokahan and Gajokai Seminar today,hope they success!
The modern dance group,good luck!
Specially for Vivian,Biar & Si Jing!Don't be nervous and do your best!
Aunt's open house tonight,going to help her later.At night,will going out with Vivian's family and 3 sokahan who stay over at their house for 1 night.I think we will bring them to Jonker Walk.Hope it's fun!

Leftover snapshots :)Cousins

Mango Delight

My mother and relatives

Birthday girl

part of the actors and actresses

Cheer leading

Modern dance

he is such a useless father

quarrel and fighting with his wife everyday

some of SGM members encourage one another to Shakubuku and to live faith

but his son (blue shirt) not believe this religion and continue mix up with all the ah lians and ah beng

After few months.....

his son start to chant

lastly,all his family members start to chant and didn't quarrel and fighting anymore

Actors and actresses

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Going to get a new monitor soon!

I waited for so long,and now I get it.ahahhaa.My monitor spoil almost 2 months already,I miss all my pictures and songs inside,I need them so badly! *sound mad*
Going to buy tomorrow,finally,I can use my own personal computer.By the way,I'm using my dad's laptop when my monitor spoil.
Anyway,going to kaikan a.k.a SGM tomorrow to see them rehearsal.They going to perform on next Saturday and Sunday for the Sokahan's seminar.More than 300 sokahan are coming to Malacca for the seminar.3 sokahan going to sleep over at Vivian's house,I think we will bring them to visit Malacca if I'm not mistaken.It's going to be fun.
Don't worry,I will post up the rehearsal photos.
bored and tired

Friday, September 21, 2007

Time past so fast

It's Friday again.A week going to end again.Exam is coming real sooooooon!!!
2 more weeks????
Sigh!I don't even start study yet,how am I going to sit for my exam?Not I don't want to study but I don't understand a lot of topics. :'( :X
Somebody help me please..............

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Family gathering yesterday at Portuguese Settlement.We had Ikan bakar,crabs,lala,otak-otak,tau-fu,vegetables and etc. for our dinner.All the foods there tasted good.Not forget,we celebrated my cousin birthday too.
After dinner,we went Old Taste for some drinks.On our way to Old Taste ,mum stopped at Secret Recipe to buy a cake for my cousin,we bought Mango Delight and it tasted nice.After that,we headed to Old Taste.This is our very 1st time went there because this shop just open not long ago,erm I think is just about 2 or 3 days.All the drinks there not very special but all tasted good though.
My uncle and cousin went for massage after drinks.After that,BALIK KAMPUNG!Bathe and sleep......................................
P/S:I will post up all the photos in the next post because the photos with my aunt.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


is coming real soon!!!!!!!!!
Is on 8th October...............24 more daysssssss!!!!!!!
I'm not prepare yet.
Form 4 life is just so miserable,all the subjects are getting tougher and tougher.I can't stand it anymore.Like accounts,at first I really love it because it is very fun,but now,so hard mannnn,my brain going to break!I don't understand what the teacher had taught also.Argghhhh!
I can't imagine what will happen next year when I'm in form 5.Form 4 syllabus already so tough,then what about Form 5?I'm sure tougher!
I think I should take tuition for every subjects next year,if not,I just can't sit for SPM!Anyway,going to study real hard now!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Buddhist Society Committee Farewell

Venue:Seoul Garden

Even though Buddhist society is just a very small society,but we enjoy a lot.Vivian's dad fetch us to MP.Went DP for awhile then back to MP again.Around 6:30 p.m,both of us went to Seoul Garden to met other members.The foods there are GREAT and delicious,can have a try there if you didn't went there before.



Pearlly and Khang Thin-Form 5s' committee

Peii Hwei-2008 president,Pearlly,Khang Thin-2007 president,Mei Ting

juniors and seniors

Form 5s and teachers

Lay Cheng,Tze Huei

Vivian with her honeydew sago ice-cream

Teacher advisor and GPK 1

Drinking and eating


Group Photo!

After farewell,went jonker with Vivian.We bought our own zodiac necklace.

Leftover snapshots!

Yoga kids & ballet

National DaySGM