Monday, October 29, 2007

Exam is finally over!
I'm freee now!

Went Seoul Garden for lunch with Vivian,Chee Fong,Bee Kee,Chiew Siang and Sze Pei last Friday.
Celebrate our so called 'merdeka'.I mean exam is finally over!
Vivian and I arrived there late because her brother took the house keys and she got no keys to go in.So,she waited at my house for about 1 an hour and her brother just arrived.
After that we straight away went to Seoul Garden to met them up.
The foods there were great!I love the fishes and squids!No picture because I forgot to bring my camera,how sad!Sigh! ='(
After few hours,Chee Fong went to work and we followed her too.Sat at her shop and we chit-chated for few hours.Anyway,her lady bos not there for sure! =D
About 7:30 p.m,Vivian and I walked to Jonker Street.Saw Cai Wu there with his wife.
About 9 something,Vivian brother fetch us back.
That's all I spent my Friday!
Well,about the exhibition,I'm not sure the time yet because meeting tonight not yesterday.
So I think I will let you all know as soon as possible.
Anyway,this exhibition is about Anti Nuclear Weapons,I hope everybody will attend this exhibition,and don't forget to bring your friends there too!Thanksssss!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sorry for not update my blog these days!
I'm quite busy,
Sorryyyyy! =(

Well,still sitting for the stupid exams now.I'm sooo bored with it!
but is okay,because going to finish real sooonnn!
1 more day to go!

I got no paper on Monday,planned not to go to school,but failed!
because Pn. Goh called me to do the teachers' retirement slide show.So no choice,have to go!arghh!
when I want go to see her,one of the teacher told me that she's not coming to school today!
I was like WHAT?SHE IS NOT COMING TO SCHOOL?aaarrrrggghhhhhh!
wasted my precious time!shit!
forget about it!
English 2 and Sejarah 2.
English was okay,don't really know how to do the literature part only.
Sejarah was died!I don't even know how to do 1 question,I didn't leave all blank but I copied the same thing from the questions for my answer!no differences actually!
Art 1 and 2
I got not enough time to colour,I spend too much time in drawing!shit!
don't know how many marks I will get this time.
hope at least a B
Ekonomi Asas 1 and 2
another died paper but better than Sejarah for sure!
you kenal I but I tak kenal you la! =D
the questions are superb hard! ='(
everyone sleep after 20 minutes,
paper 1 is 1 hour and 15 minutes,I slept 45 minutes
paper 2 is 2 hour,I slept 1 hour!
=D =D =D
not I don't want to do,
is I don't even know how to do!
stupid PJK!
last paper!!!!
woooohoooooooooo! =D
after that,I will be FREEEEEE!
anyway,I will be going to Genting on 11th of November,stay one night there and back on 12th of November.
after that I will be busy again,
because SGM will having an exhibition at Dataran Pahlawan from 24th of November until 1st of December,
I'm one of the narrator!
do attend this exhibition okay!
From A Culture of Violence to A Culture of Peace:Transforming the Human Spirit
Daripada Budaya Keganasan Kepada Budaya Keamanan:Transformasi Semangat Kemanusiaan
I will let you all know the time this Sunday or Monday because meeting is on this Sunday.
come back my blog again for more information,

Monday, October 15, 2007

Opinion pleaseee

I need a haircut soooo badly,my hair is out of shape now.
It's sooooooooooo uglyyyyyy!
I didn't step in the saloon for 3 months?or maybe more than that!

Should I cut my hair short or kept long???
give some opinion pleaseeee!I got no idea.
Going to cut my hair this week,can't waiiitttt!


Saturday, October 13, 2007


Selamat Hari Raya!
Anyway,going Muar for dinner awhile more.
Mum's brother and dad's friends joining us too.
Need to get ready now,

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Left one weeks of papers to go,
:) :P

Mathematics papers was super duper HARD!My brain almost crack when I'm doing the questions.The JPM is soooooo crazy,do the question until so hard!English essays was quite hard too,I only know how to the directed writing,I can't think the point for the continuous writing.
I cannot fail my English!PLEASE!
This morning was Moral paper and I hope can pass because I can do some of the questions.
*wish me luck*

All is over so don't think soooooo much!This is what I always tell myself.

any plan?hmmmmm,maybe going to KL next week,just maybe only!
I want to gooooo ooooouuuuuutttttt!I don't want to stay at home,soooooo boring!I didn't step in the shopping centre for soooooo long already.I think will going to MP this Sunday after meeting at kaikan.

enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Am I that smart?
I didn't study for my exams at all but I did study for my Accounts only!

I'm not that smart actually,I just too lazy to study for my exams.Feel like just going to sit for the exams with no preparation. LOL!
I'm sooooooooooo lucky that I still know how to answer the questions but not all,just part of it.

BM was so hard,my brain went blank when I'm doing the karangan.Sejarah?biasa la,main tikam only,choose the longest answer.LOL!Today Science paper 1,2 and Account paper 1 were quite okay,nothing much.Tomorrow will be Mathematics paper 1,2 and English paper 1.Hope it's easy for me!,LOL!

1 week of papers to go!I can't wait to finish it as soon as possible!

Leftover snapshots!
Aunt's open house
Mum and aunt
mum and aunts

Love! X )

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Don't be sad because it's over, be happy because it happened

It's over!

At last,my accounts paper 2 was over.I almost fainted when I saw the questions,one word to describe it-TOUGH!We need to answer 5 questions but I only answer 4 questions.

Documents was fine,my imbangan duga was seimbang,I'm so happy when I got my imbangan duga seimbang.I hope I can get full mark in my documents and buku tunai runcit too.For me,both of the 2 accounts is the most easiest one.

When I do penyata pendapatan and lembaran kerja,I got panicked and forget everything.I memorised for so long,and when I do,I forget!Arghhhhhh!I didn't do akaun P.H.Ragu because I forgot everything.Anyway,all is over and I should accept the results when I get back my papers. *wish me luck*

I can't wait for my finals end and I can't wait to go Genting with all my dearests on November!Hope the trip is superb fun!ahahahahahah!

Holiday tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!Going to rest gao gao!!!!!!!!!!LOL!

:) :) :) :) :)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Cherish what you have!

2 more days!

Why times flies so fast?
It's another day,2 more days till my end-year examination??????
10 girls absent today,maybe they cuti hujan la. LOL! I think tomorrow will be the same because 6 of the Chinese students will be absent because they going to library.I want to go but my mum not allowed,she said go school study better than going to library.Fine,so I going school tomorrow.
Well,school today was fine,every period passed so fast.10 girls was absent so the whole class was quiet,but all the teachers was shocked because attendance was superb bad!

PMR started this morning,I saw all the Form 3s' are reading their book all the time.It's really different compare with last year,all of us are like playing?laughing?talking?It's terrible. LOL!

all the best to everyone who sitting for their exams now or soon!
Last Saturday was my aunty's open house.Went her house in the morning and night.Met all my relatives there,it's fun when all of us gather.Not forgetting,Sokahan and Gajokai Seminar was last Saturday too,planed to go out with them at night but failed!Because nobody fetch me there,how sad?Sigh!
Study study study!