Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Exhibition was fine.
Walk here and there until my leg gonna patah!

Malacca peoples was soooo ........... no manners? maybe!
we,the working committees told them that 2nd floor have a peace exhibition,some don't even bother and some we not yet talk finish or maybe not yet start talking then they straight away said "don't want la!"
so sad right? keep on kena reject.
but some okay,not so bad. they will answer us "oh,later we will go" hahaha!
never mind,must be patient,1 more day to go

Friday is my last day of duty.after that I will be superb free again. LOL!
Sunday will be going to A Famosa Water World,had postponed to this Sunday
not last last Sunday! =)

By the way,I still want to say to all the Malaccan or to those who are coming to Malacca this week,please attend the exhibition pleaseeeee!
Because we still haven't reach our target yet
1st day only got 1000 over visitors
2nd day 1000 over visitors also
3rd day tak sampai 1000 visitors
others I don't know yet,because this few day I'm not on duty so I didn't go.

we need at least 2500 visitors a day to reach our target
so please,attend this exhibition okay!

till then...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Exhibition tomorrow!
nervous nervous nervous!

wish me luck okay?
and everybody too!

hope that we can get our target,which is 20,000 visitors! or maybe more than that.
so,I hope everyone who's at Malacca,please do attend this exhibition!
THANK YOU x1000000000000000000000000000 to whoever attend this exhibition
those who didn't come,no comments...heheheh!
but still I hope everybody can do it!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My blog is super dead!
nobody visit!

exhibition this Saturday,I have not prepare yet.!
I don't know how am I going to explains all the panels to the visitors.
The notes they given us was super lots and I don't really understand all the Chinese words!
my Chinese language is getting worst,didn't learn Chinese language after primary 6.
die die die!
even though I'm the narrator for 2 days only but I have not memorise all the notes yet.
how? how? how?
3 more days till the exhibition day. but I'm so lucky that I didn't duty as a narrator on the 1st day.
I'm a working committee on the first day.
our target is 20,000 visitors,so to those out there,bring your friends and family to attend this PEACE exhibition okay!
is a very meaningful exhibition!
let me tell all of you something.....
To date,nuclear weapons are the most destructive tools of war. At any time, at the press of a button, nuclear weapons could wipe out life on earth.
Our willingness to live comfortably while ignoring reality is the silent violence of apathy that could threaten the human race. On the other hand, assuming that this reality will continue uncharged into future is a major human weakness.
We must do something...
In an increasingly interdependent world, we share responsibility for the security of all human beings. Our challenge is to rise above violence - to stop the rapid buildup of arms and forever ban the most fearsome weapons in history.
Is it possible to transform the culture of violence into a culture of peace?
We think it is possible.
Becoming informed and sharing awareness is the first important step towards achieving this goal. Spreading awareness will make a difference because knowledge empowers.
From A Culture of Violence to A Culture of Peace:Transforming the Human Spirit
Exhibition Period:24th Nov to 2nd Dec 2007
Opening Hours:10:00 am ~ 10:00 pm
Venue:Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall (Digital Dome-2nd floor)
Organiser-Soka Gakkai International (SGI)
Co-sponsors-Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) and Physicians for Peace and Social Responsibility (affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War)

must attend! MUST!

good luck to all the narrators and working committees!
to all the PIC too!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Genting trip!

I'm back!
from Genting.

Had lots of fun there.the weather there was cold.
rain?not really,just morning only.
we arrived there around 2:00 p.m.waited at the lobby for 1 hour just for checked-in.
the peoples there are like SARDIN!

After checked-in to the room,we went for shopping!

about 5:00 p.m. we went to Jolin Tsai-Meet The Fans at Arena of Star.

other than meet the fans,dance competition too!

she look simply gorgeous!even though I'm not her fans but I still love her voice!
it's AWESOME!!!!!!
I get 2 posters of her during the concert!hahah!

the host

the competition judges

Dance competition participants
the first contestant!

is a boy you know! can't believe right?
I can't believe at first too until the host announce.

second contestant!
she has awesome voice!
is a young girl!

third contestant

forth contestant! lala mui!

fifth contestant
she has nice voice too!

last contestant!
the dancing skill good!

judges and participants

I can't really remember how many songs she sang
I can only remember she sang this two songs,Yi Ge Ren and Ri Bu Ruo
others forgotten

she is super thin!
small size!
and her dancing is

adorable right?

the host and Jolin!

after that,we went for our dinner at Pizza Hut!

at night,we went to FLY Defy Gravity Show
the show was superb gorgeous.
I'm regret that didn't take photo with them!
is once in a life time!sigh!!!!!!

Vivian,Jie Wei,me

all with the small eyes!
because of the sunlight!


at Arena of Stars

night view!

First World indoor

me and Vivian had our breakfast buffet at Coffee Terrace.
can have a try there,the foods are delicious!
outside Coffee terrace

aunt and her daughter
before going outdoor!

adorable kids

first world theme park
Venice Gondola

outdoor theme park

outside London Bus

Flying Jumbo


didn't take much of photos because my camera drop on the floor,than the screen went blank.
can't even take a photo!
but when arrived Malacca,the camera can function again.
stupid right?sigh!
that's all about my Genting trip
next trip-A'Famosa Water World,this Sunday!