Thursday, December 27, 2007


PMR results out this morning, hopefully everyone have good result. Sze Pei, don't be sad just calm down, try harder in your SPM. 2 more years to go ,I'm sure you can do it.

Well, school will starts in 6 days time, just can't wait to meet my dearest friends, I miss them lots! and next year will be my turn sitting for SPM, I'm absolutely nervous, must study real hard to score well in my exams.

next year life will be...
study. tuition. study. tuition! sighs =(
must cherish all my precious times

went MP yesterday with aunt and cousin. went there just for do a new spectacles.
saw this

adorable right? =)


p/s I will upload her photo in the next post. currently blogger can't upload pictures

Went MP with Vivian,Camilee and Eva. Celebrated Vivian belated birthday at Sibaraku. Camilee bought 31 baskin robbin ice-cream for Vivian as a birthday cake. =) Was at MP until night because my cousin had a ballet performance there. Their performances was awesome! FANTASTIC! I do love ballerina, love their dancing skill. SUPERB!
Dinner at Wong Kok again with aunt and cousin, her friends joined us for dinner too.
As you know,today is the last day of year 2007! a year come and goes in a blink of eye. it's real fast! Forget all the past and welcome a new year!
Didn't go anywhere to countdown, stayed at home countdown with my family! hehe =)
Curry Udon
Honey Lemon Ice
Went kaikan this morning, have a new year gongyo. Woke up at 7:30 a.m because Vivian's family need to arrive kaikan very early, they have performance. Today performances not that bad, choir, junior group dance and teenager group dance were good. others no comments.
After that, aunt pick me and Vivian up and off to Malim to buy school uniform. School on Thursday!!!!! arghhhh! my school work not done yet. gonna call my dad's clerk teach me tomorrow.
Watermelon girl?
Lim Si Jing
teenager dancing group


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

First of all, I would like to wish everyone
Hope everyone of you have a nice and unforgettable celebration with your beloved or friends.
and get lots of Christmas present too! =D

anyway,didn't celebrate Christmas eve with anybody this year. I'm sooooooooo sad! ='( not parent not allowed but nobody ajak me. so sad right? all my friends celebrating Christmas with their beloved one and friends but I'm the one who celebrate Christmas with my tv and computer.

my dear friends,you girls forget me is it? why didn't call me out? chiayean is so boring you all know?
okay okay,stop it. I'm being emo. haha!

all right,that's all for my Christmas.

was at MP and DP today with sister and Ah Yong. bought 6 tops from Giordano,Reebok and Oreef. Lunch at Wong Kok again. Had man tou for lunch today. Ah Yong had Tomato sauce chicken rice and sister had curry mee for their lunch. Foods there was awesome. No pictures again because didn't bring my camera out. left it at home. Next time okay? *promise!

With love,

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Great-grandmother funeral was last Saturday.
After breakfast,all the relatives praying for her about half an hour.
Funeral was at 2:00 p.m. Everyone get ready before that.
funeral finish at 3:00 something,after that back to my tai ma house.
Had lunch there. After lunch,cleaned up the place. around 6:00 p.m,my aunt fetch my lao yi back and us too.
Finally get to rest. is soooo tired,have to wake up pretty early to go to my tai ma house.

Went to MP and DP yesterday with my sister and aunt. Had my brunch at Wong Kok,a new restaurant. The foods there was nice and cheap. their drinks are superb big! LOL!
After brunch,crossover to MP to buy school shoes. School going to re-open. can't wait to see my fellow friends again! miss them hell lots! went in to Royal Sporting to buy Vivian's birthday present. SALES! buy her an Adidas shirt but no discount,new arrival I think. Sister bought a Puma t-shirt. 40%

will be going again tonight if everything goes fine.

till then...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm soooooooooooooooooo SAD!
my great-grandmother pass away not long ago,around 9:45 p.m!
visited her this afternoon because my aunt said very dangerous already.
all relatives visited her before she pass away,only 2 of her sons can't make it because they on the way coming back from KL. how sad! ='(
she become soooo thin! I cried when I saw her. everyone cried.
may you rest in peace,my dear tai ma.

my neighbour pass away not long ago too! what a day? so ngam?
is a sad day!

I will be pretty busy these days,because need to go there everyday
all right,gonna stop here.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Went KL yesterday,had breakfast at Hai Nan Kopitiam.
Went Times Square,after that crossed over to Sungei Wang.
had lunch at don't know what the shop called,the shop sell Hong Kong foods,near Sungei Wang there.
after lunch,went to Sunway.
didn't buy anything there.not in the mood to shop.because .............. I didn't want to tell why!
all right,skip it! didn't want to talk much about that!

attended a wedding dinner on Saturday night,the dinner was lots of Datuk and Datin! LOL!foods was awesome too. I saw lots of people take away shark fins. haha!

about Singapore.Still got sit for me but I can't go because too expensive!388 bucks for 2 days 1 night,quite expensive right?mum not allowed me to go. SHIT!STUPID! I hate this year holiday. no place to go,just stay at home every day. eat,sleep,online. repeat the same thing everyday. I'm getting fatter and fatter! argghhhh!
can school faster reopen? I can't stand it anymore!!! holiday without any plan! all friends working! sighs ='(

most probably will be celebrate christmas eve with friends at Portugis Settlement. just can't wait!

with love,
Chia Yean

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Just back from MP not long ago
went to Thai Kuang to buy text books
after that went to my aunt's friend's shop
and now here I'm blogging...

going a wedding dinner at Lucky Famous Restaurant with ah ma,aunt,cousin tonight.

and I will be going up to KL tomorrow,at last my brother want to fetch us up!
gonna shop tomorrow!
Chinese New Year mooooood! LOL! =D

still waiting for my ah ma answer whether still got sit for me to Singapore
she gonna ask her friend tonight when dinner.
can't wait! haha!

will update when I'm back from KL!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Went MP and DP with sister and aunt this afternoon
went to PC Fair

and bought a brand new speaker,keyboard,USB hub and card reader
spend around 150 bucks just on PC fair!
yeeessss! I'm good in spending money and now my wallet is dried! =D
I want to go Singapore so badly but the bus ticket for back was finish!
sighs! ='(
grandmother is going to Singapore next Sunday with Gan Association members
I want to go!!!!!!!!!
ah ma will help me to ask her friend whether still got sit for me?
hope still got! gonna pray hard =D

maybe going KL this Sunday
still waiting for my brother answer!
gonna see his mood good or not because he going fetch us up
hope he can fetch us
gonna shopping till I drop!
hahahaha!!!! =D

pictures. camwhored a little =)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Nowadays I'm tooo lazy to update my blog!
Sunday,went to A Famosa Water World. Wake up quite early and get everything ready. Had breakfast at Mc Donald,Aunty Nicole and her daughters and son joined us for breakfast.
let the pictures do the talking
Everyone of us had Big Breakfast for our breakfast
After breakfast,straight away headed to A Famosa Water World to meet others up.
saw this elephant outside Water World
eye shadow? or blue+pink eye brows? LOL!
Wave Pool
Cheryl . Nicholas . me
Jie Yin
Lunch time
adorable Nicholas


Ah Sze

Arabian Village

3 of us come down together
hahahaha! so weird!

Lazy river
Random photoshot =P

shower cap!

double tube
waited at there for so long just want to lend this tube!

next time do not need to bring any water there
bring knife is enough
there got lots of coconut trees! LOL!
and I saw people pluck coconuts

goodbye A Famosa Resort
With love,
Chia Yean