Friday, January 25, 2008

School was fun today. Only study first and second period. Others we were doing all the Chinese new year decoration stuffs. While we doing, we keep on sing Chinese new year song too, Chinese new year mood la, no choice. lol! and the Malay girls and Indian girls come and help us do the ang pau thingy too. enjoy enjoy!
"pao zhu ah sheng sheng xiang, ping ping yiu bang bang"
we keep on repeated that line, we only know that.
and I will be going Bukit Tinggi early in the morning tomorrow. Is a last minutes choice, actually this trip is just for prefects and librarians but that's extra sit so teacher ask us whether want to go or not. So me, Chee Fong and Chiew Siang joined and Vivian as well, because she is a prefect now. hehe! We will go French Village, Japanese Village, rabbit farm and Eye on Malaysia. Hope we will enjoy there.
No pictures for this post, will upload the trip pictures when I'm back.

With love,
Chia Yean

Saturday, January 19, 2008

School this morning. I hate saturday school because it make me so tired during lessons. Teachers keep calling me don't sleep, accounts teacher said "Chia Yean, don't sleep, wake up wake up". Anyway, times past really fast today because every period was 35 minutes. Homeworks are killing me, more and more homeworks need to do and need to pass up on time, no more delay.
Well, Mr. Wong told us that this year our school not going to do merentas desa, at first we are quite happy but he said we will doing joggathon though, I'm not sure about the spelling, it's something like we need collect money from people, what a shame right? sighs =( and this year sport day will be doing in school again, actually Mr. Wong had planned to do in Stadium Tun Fatimah but MBMB rent us the stadium only, not including all the PA System and all those stuffs and it cost very expensive, school can't afford. So, forget about it.
that's all for today.

With Love,
Chia Yean

Friday, January 11, 2008

went KL with Vivian's dad, her uncle and Heng kor. Woke up approximately 5:30 a.m, YES! 5:30 a.m, is superb early, I couldn't wake up at first, but maid called me. After that, got wash up and get everything ready, then off to Vivian's. Breakfast at Vivian's shop, after breakfast, went to fetch Heng kor and her uncle.
Arrived KL approximately 10:00 a.m, first we went to Sungei Wang because Vivian's dad want to take stock from there, while he go take his stock, we went shopping. Vivian bought a blouse from Romp, bought shoe and a t-shirt from don't know what the shop called.
After Sungei Wang, we went to SSF, my first time there. I love all the things there but didn't buy anything. After that, we straight away headed to One Utama. It's my second time to One Utama, it's lots of different compare with last time. 2 years ago I went there was so quiet, very few people went there, but yesterday I went, OMG! the people are superb lots. didn't buy anything at there. after that, we went IKEA. It's my first time to there. IKEA is HUGE! I love all the things there. Bought quite lots of things there, mum called to buy.
Approximately 8:30 p.m, we go back to Malacca. Arrived Malacca approximately 10:30 p.m, went for dinner at Bachang. After dinner, drop Heng kor and Vivian's uncle back, then back to my home sweet home. Wash up and do my homework until 1:00 a.m,then sleep.
School was normal today. After recess, all the students have to go to their respective rumah sukan class for perlantikan ahli jawatan kuasa 2008. This year rumah merah pengerusi is Tan Zhen Yi, my old old friends, we same class for 8 years already including this year. I'm the bendahari this year, hopefully, everything goes fine this year, no more any bad things happen.

With love,

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Went MP on Friday. Lunch at Seoul Garden with Vivian and Chee Fong, Bee Kee and Chiew Siang joined us as well. Had a fun time with all of them. After lunch, hang around MP and cross-over to DP after that. Stopped at Wong Kok to have some drinks. Approximately 8:00 p.m, we walk to Jonker Walk. Bee Kee didn't join us to Jonker. I'm too lazy to discribe all the stuff that we had done so lets the pictures do all the talking.

Seoul Garden

Chee Fong

Chiew Siang. Vivian

Chee Fong. Bee Kee

Bee Kee niece-Tammy

Chiew Siang and Tammy with the gingerman

Trying to act childish. adorable her! lol

Camwhore a little while Bee Kee trying some cloths at MNG

mirror mirror on the wall

camwhore a little somewhere outside DP

cost us RM1 to just take a photo with this trishaw
quite worth la, as a Malaccan didn't take a photo with trishaw before. shame right? at last I took it now. lol!
Jonker Walk
had sushi for dinner
fruit maki

she loves sushi!

we bought the same t-shirt! haha!

last picture of the day!

I love three of you so much! Friendship everlasting!

I think we will seldom go out from now on, because activities coming and we have no much time, SPM this year! Good luck everyone in Form 5 this year!

With love,