Friday, March 28, 2008

Enjoy your sweet 17 with lots of fun and laughters. Wish all your dreams come true too!
that's all for today post, proper update soooon! busy busy busy!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ahhhh! Finally I can online! The stupid streamyx made me can't online for like 2 or 3 weeks. At first, the TM technician said my modem spoiled so I sent it to repair but actually the modem is still fine, after that I called the TM technician again and he said my phone line problem and once again I called my own technician check, he told me everything is fine, nothing wrong and at last is just the setting problem. Don't know which stupid fella very clever go and change my password. I know who you are actually and I didn't want to mention it out here, give you face! Anyway, my computer sent to repair this morning, need to format.

All right, stop all the crap. Here goes the proper update. Holidays is just fine. Spent 3 days at Cameron Highland and KL. Started our journey on Saturday night which is also the election day. As you all know, pembakang won quite a lot this year election and many people scare will fight, so last minutes 5 people don't want to go. Stupid right? sighs, I'm speechless that time. Skip that. So next, we arrive Cameron approximately 7 in the morning, some of you might wonder why are we arrived there so late, because our bus stuck-ed somewhere at Seremban if I'm not mistaken. Waited them to repair for like 1 hour. We had Hor Fun for our breakfast. After breakfast, we went to visit the farms. We visited strawberry farm,cactus farm,bee farm,Boh tea plantation, vegetable market, rose farm, etc. After visited all the farms, we checked in our room.Took shower and rest, after that off to dinner, we have steamboat for dinner. After dinner, we went night market.

The next day, had porridge for breakfast. After breakfast, we straight headed to Mei Lo. Had lunch there and bought quite lots of jambu. After lunch, we go down to KL, Time Square to shop and had dinner there too. Last but not least, we went Eye On Malaysia. Is my second time been there. This time, I got to watch Theater Of Water and The Dance Of Laser. The shows are simply awesome. That's all for my trip.

School holidays yesterday and today. Yesterday was don't know Nabi Muhammad saw and today is Good Friday, because my school is a convent school. And Combine Meet tomorrow, there will be lots of different school coming to our school, and this year we combine with MHS. The games are very fun and hope everyone who come will enjoy it. I'm the photographer tomorrow, hopefully everything goes fine. I think that's all for today post, is long enough, some of you might fall asleep if I continue. p/s: I will post up those Cameron Highland and combine meet pictures in next post.