Tuesday, April 29, 2008


celebrated her 17th birthday at school during recess time.
Bought her a Moist Chocolate cake from Secret Recipe.
She was soooo shy when she saw the cake. =X
Sang birthday song for her, blew the candles and cut the cake.
She love the cake so much, haha! Her favourite chocolate.
Tzu Wei, happy birthday once again!
Hope you enjoy the little birthday celebration!
p/s: proper update sooooon!
I'm dead busy these days.
Most probably will update this few days.

Don't miss me!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy 17th Birthday
Lily Goh Chen Lee e
she's the one in red.

She loves spiderman super duper much.
Her pensil box, pen, pensil, ruler all is in spiderman!

This show how much she love spiderman.
And she also known as the spidergirl. x)
The future lawyer!
With Y
Chia Yean

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I am BACK!
This post will be full of pictures.
Long long ago.....
I am going to start with the picture from Cameron Highland trip.

I love this blue-ish flower!


lovely grapes

I don't know what this called. X)

if I can afford to buy this, I will buy it and put on my class teacher's chair, especially when BM & Maths lessons! nyahahahhahahah! =D I know I'm so bad but I super duper dislike them.

Cameron Highland organic carrots.

me, Fong & Fen bought this as souvenirs for friends.

huge oranges. Look at the red colour fruits, they are buah cinta! If you're lack of LOVE, you may have some. X)

sexy lady! X)

cousin and her friends


Mei Fen & Chee Fong

Tea Plantation


cousins. except the front boy, he is my cousin's cousin

auntie on the right and grandmother in pink

organic vegetables

Bee Farm

Look at the bees, sooooo disgusting!

Cameron Valley

Then, CCS & MHS Combine Meet 2008

Br. Ronald Gan giving his speech

Miss Tan, MHS's teacher

Peii Hwei & Betty, advisors

Wee Chang, chairman

click on the picture to enlarge it

fashion show group photo

Look at the foods, ewwwwwwww!

Siang oh Siang.... hahah! X)


Fong, Shin Jioe & Siang

Sport Day 2008

Awesome sport day ever, I'm sooooo proud for Red House!

I know I look weird in baju kurung but no choice, I support Red House! Red house spirit.

my siput hair

Cheerleading! Superb!

I love you girls!

4x100 relay team from IJC, Yok Bin, S.M.K Padang Temu and of course CCS

Blue house sakai!

waiting for results

adorable right? is a coconut anyway
my red house captain, Tan Zhen Yi. You know what's she holding? Is a CHAMPION trophy! We got champion in marching!
and and and.........
Cheerleading captain, Zita. We got CHAMPION in cheerleading too! Feel so proud for RED HOUSE!
3rd * Blue House, you all did very best too! Don't be too sad!
4th * sorry Mei Fen! nyahahahah! x)
Green House won it! and you all deserved it! Congrats!

Red house cheerleaders! *except me, Fong and Pn. Mahes of course.

Done with all the pictures!

School is school, normal school days. Full of homeworks and mid-year examination is just around the corner, is from 5th of May till 23 of May, approximately 3 weeks. Die die die! Campfire coming too, is on 14th of June if I'm not wrong. I'm incharge of PA system this year, is quite relax now but will be very busy on campfire day. Hopefully, everthing will just goes fine, nothing bad happen.

Coming Monday will be a photosession for all the students, is a photosession for my school magazine. And Tuesday will be a holiday for all the Malaccans, don't know what historical day.

I shall stop here and I will be back more often if possible. x)