Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wednesday, 28th May
School Trip, KL

Woke up early in the morning, got ready and off to school. Bus came around 7:30 am. Bus stopped at Seremban for us to take breakfast, since we're not hungry we didn't take our breakfast. Headed to Kraf Tangan Malaysia (no idea where is it but somewhere in KL) and spent 1 hour plus there. Waste time going there only, nothing to see just all the kraf tangan and it was so malay-ish. Took a lot of funny photos there but my memory card went gay when I'm in Mines Wonderland the next day. So I have no choice, I formatted the memory card and all the photos we took were deleted. grrrrr. After kraf tangan, headed to Times Square. Bought 2 t-shirts there and love it so much. Is very hard to find that kind of shirt in Malacca because Malacca is very outdated. It's something like has big big words on the shirt. Get it? If no you do not need to know. x) Had Mc Donalds for brunch. Didn't spend much time in Times Square due to time problem again because we have to be at UPM at 2 pm. I will not describe what I did in UPM because nothing else I did besides listened to the teachers and students describe how the plants grow? Something like that, all is about biology and I don't understand at all. Spent 3 hours plus there doing nothing.

After UPM, we went to Seremban 2 Jusco. Jusco there quite big and is a lot of different compare with Malacca one. Had Pizza for dinner. 2 fast foods in a day! gain weight! x) Mommy came school to fetch me once I reached. Bathed and sleep.
Thursday, 29th May
KL again.

Van came my place at 8:00 am and off to fetch the others. Had breakfast at Nilai. Arrived KLCC approximately 11:00 am. Went to Petrosains to buy tickets and 12:30 pm only we can enter. So walked around Suria KLCC, sales everywhere. Around 12:20 we entered Petrosains. Spent 2 hours plus there. I can't remember what I did there, sorry. :( Took our lunch at food court and off to book fest at convention centre. The book fest was so huge! I hate one of my aunt's friend, walk awhile tired, walk awhile tired, will die la. I was really fed up I tell you, people want to buy things also cannot, call her go outside rest but she don't want. Can die can die! My aunt has no choice, so we have to left there early. STUPID!! Seriously, I will not go again next time if she follow. Van came and fetch us when we were done and off to Mines Wonderland. Mines Wonderland is very lousy now compare with last time I went. All the facilities are very old. The theme for this year is China Olympic 2008. The lighting decoration of the theme park is also base on this topic. Below are the five mascots for Beijing 2008 Olympic game.

BeiBei is a fish. The blue color represent water. This design symbolise the prosperity and harvest.

JingJing is a panda. The green color represent bamboo. He will bring the blessing of happiness to everyone.

HuanHuan is the child of fire, symbolise Olympic Flame and the passion of sport.

YingYing is the Tibetan Antelope. Symbolise fast and agile that can move quickly across the earth.

Nini is a swallow. It recalls the memory of Beijing children flown beautiful kites in the blue sky Beijing.

We had steamboat for dinner and it cost RM 2 only. YES! RM 2!! cheap right? is a promotion for parents day. :D The foods not bad you know. Worth it. x) When we were done, aunt called the driver and he came to fetch us back to my place.


Musical Fountain

3D Aqua Laser Show

ship of rats


Coin Garden

Bei Jing 2008 Olympic

Ice World, superb cold inside!

cousin and Siew Yi

nice right?

I'm in love with the 5 Bei Jing 2008 Olympic mascots!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Friday night, went to MBO and watched Indiana Jones, Kingdom of The Crystal Skull. Jia Lin gave us 3 free tickets. So, aunt, cousin and I joined her and her aunt for the movie. It's an awesome movie. Two thumbs up, for those not yet watch must watch it. Even though some parts are quite boring. After all is a nice movie.
Had Arts extra class this morning. Not many of them turn up. By the way, I had done my signboard, left colour only, will colour it on next week. Hopefully will finish it as soon as possible.
It's a very short post, I have nothing to blog recently. Will blog again soooon!

Stop scolding me with no reasons.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I screwed Economics BIG TIME.
I'm sure I'd flunk Economics.
At last, I'm done with all the papers. and it's a two weeks holidays. But I have no holidays for this term because campfire is like in 3 weeks time and all the works are not done yet. I think some not even start. Horrible! Had campfire meeting after school, kena scold from the head but I didn't kena because I done all the works I've to do. The chairladies kena scold terribly. Honestly, this year chairladies don't know how to do work one, ask them anything and they will just answer you, DON'T KNOW OH!!! I can't imagine how is the campfire day.
and and and, my Arts folio not done yet. Teacher want to see some elements on Monday. How??? Anybody want to help me draw? Have to go back to school during the holidays for 5 days to do the signboard. I hate Form 5, sighs. Have to go back to school even though it's a holiday. Parents actually plan to go Thailand during the holiday, because of some stupid excuses, the trip was CANCELED! I'm sooo angry at first because the excuse is sooo not important. Fine then, I'm going Thailand with my friends end of the year once I finished my SPM.
I will be going to KL on next Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday trip was organised by school and Thursday trip was organised by my aunt. We will go to UPM and if have time, teacher said maybe we will go 1 shopping. On Thursday, we will be going up KL by van, and we will go to KLCC for the Book Fest, Petrosains and Aquaria. A lot of kids follow again. x)
I shall go and do my Arts folio now.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Accounts tomorrow.......... and guess what?
I forgot to bring my accounts book back, I left it at school!
Stupid right?
I don't know what to do now. I can only revise my Form 4 work but this exam more focus on Form 5 work.
What I shall do now? Go back school to take my book?? a big NO! school gate locked!

Fine, I will just revise my Form 4 work now and gonna do last minute study tomorrow since there will be 2 hours break before my Paper 2 start.
at least I have some time to revise a bit. Thank God.

3 more days to go

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Wesak Day everyone!

Went to wesak procession yesterday night. Is a last minute plan. I do not want to join at first but my aunt keep on calling me go because a lot of kids going. I've no choice so I joined. Go there jaga them and become that part-time mummy there. Push the 'baby car' along the way because there's baby there. It's fun though. Saw many of my friends along the way.

Went to Jusco on Saturday. I bought 3 packets of keyboard stickers from Popular. Actually I wanted to buy the whole set but they only left 3 so I bought the 3. Going to buy the others from Popular Gajah Berang sooooon. x)

iLove my lovely keyboard! x)

I edited few pictures for my video. Comments please!



adorable kids from SKE kindergarten

just manage to snap few pictures only, busy taking care of the kidsss.

Arts Paper 1 tomorrow. And I have 3 more subjects and 4 days to go. I can't wait for my accounts paper to be over which is on Wednesday. After that I'm relieve because Thursday and Friday papers not so important. x)

Wish me luck =)