Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy 17th Birthday,
Lau Chiew Siang
4 years of friends and still counting...
Hope you've a nice and unforgettable birthday.
and hope you like the present.
Had a blast and best of luck in SPM and future undertakings.
Love ya soooo much, Ms. Kong.

Much love,
Chia Yean

Saturday, 21st June
Jonker Street
Vivian came my place at 7 something and waited for aunt to come fetch us to Jonker. Went to fetch my god aunt, she just back from USA and will be here for 1 year if everything go smoothly. All right, after fetched her, we headed to Jonker. Walked around there and had sushi for dinner. After dinner, Vivian and I went to somewhere near Jonker to have a little photo section. After awhile, aunt called and we went back. Dropped god aunt and Vivian back and back to my place.

Vivian Loh


so cute of her

don't know what tokong is this, just took for fun

I look super short here. XD

Jie Yin, cousin

traffic light turned greeeeen x)


Sunday, 22nd June
Parent's Day Celebration, Kaikan
Woke up super early to prepare and around 7:30 a.m Vivian's dad came and fetched me. Headed to Kaikan straight away because they have to get ready for the performance later. This year performances were just fine, I love the drama most. It was superb and super duper touched. Most of the audience cried for the ending part, and I almost cry but didn't, keep on tahan my tears to fall. hahahahaha! Seriously, it was super touched. Si Jing and Elvis did a very very good job, they acted very real and not forgetting the other actors and actresses too, you guys really done a very good job, and and and the director of the drama too!
After the performances, went back to Vivian's shop and had lunch there. After lunch, went back to kaikan again for the HSD (High School Division) meeting. I have no comment about it. What I did there were listen to the emcee talk, game and drama. Nothing to elaborate about it.

All right,
P-I-C-T-U-R-E-S again
Mei Ling aunty, the super cute and funny one

Vivian, her dad and her brother, Eric
I love my tee. x)

modern dance

They sang Japanese song if I'm not mistaken
director of the drama
a cacat daddy

Ah Bengs

he look super funny with the pink underwear and his daughter on the right


daddy's friend is scolding his daughter for not go visit her daddy when the daddy is going to die

the doctor
few words before he pass away
his daughter came when the daddy already pass away
this's the part where the audience cried. touched!
actors and actresses
drama group photo
Loh's family
Loh's family and Mei Ling aunty

School's just school like usual, nothing much happen lately. and July is coming real sooooon, I have not done my art's folio yet, teacher started to nag again. Will try to finish the folio by this Saturday, AhFong and AhSiang will come my place to do the folio this Saturday too. Hopefully we can finish the folio and together with the board by this week!

Can't wait for the July trip,
bread and chocolate factories and Royal Selangor.