Sunday, July 27, 2008

Buddhist Society Farewell 2008
Hotel Orkid

Went to fetch Vivian then off to Hotel Orkid. Waited the others to arrive. Dinner there just so so only. Not too delicious and not too bad. Lucky draw after dinner and I got an ang pau of RM5 from the lucky draw. Spent the other time busy taking photos. A lot of photos coming up later. More than 100 if I'm not mistaken. Souvenir and prize giving before the farewell end.
I'm not going to elaborate much about the farewell, just let the pictures do the talking.
(those who want to grab the picture, click on it to get the full size)

Vivian Loh Xin Rou

Tzu Wei, the one who always call me leader and I will just call her back xiao mei mei (little girl)

she same height with me in this picture! awww, because she wearing heels x)

Jia Le


Emcee, the new president on the left and the new assitant president on the right

juniors. except Mei Ting, behind left

we won the lucky draw and force to sing before they give us the ang pau

those ang paus

2009 president

ex-teacher advisor, teacher advisor and GPK 1

Peii Hwei and Mei Ting

Lay Cheng on the left

Hui Yong and Agnes

Yinn Sinn (correct me if I spell wrong) and Tze Huei

Hui Yong and I

Shin Jioe on the right. Gorgeous!!

Vivian Liow, friend since primary!

awwww, Vivian fans!!! hahaah!

from the Form 5s to the juniors!
group photo!

we love each other! x)

form 5 committees

is long enough right? well, I'll stop here.
school tomorrow,
and aerobic in the morning!