Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy 17th Birthday,
Chngh Mei Fen!
Friends since primary. 
Hope you have a blast.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My connection is better now.
Hope it maintain the same speed for the following days.

18th August 2008
Ranger's farewell @ Wings Cafe.

Sister fetched me there. Spent most our time taking pictures. I went back early because had to go to my dad's shop to celebrate ghost festival. I will let the pictures to the talking.

Vivian, ShinJioe, Fong

me. shinjioe

WaiKwan on the left
*sorry, not sure for her name. correct me if I'm wrong

Zita, Vivian, Diane, Emelia and Kerriane


Form 5s and teacher advisor


LayCheng, Neno, Judith, Vivian

Alison, MeiTing, Jolene and ChaWen

Pn. Mahes

she gonna kill me for upload this. x)


Foong Junn. president of 2009 *All the best!

Form 5s committees and teacher

President of 2008

20th August 2008
Campfire farewell @ Le Garden

Again, sister dropped me there. The foods there so so only, not nice for me. Not all the committees turn up. Just the Form 4s and Form 5s. Walked around DP and MP after that. Mommy came and fetched me and Vivian back as well.

LayCheng, MeiLan

TzeHuei. LayCheng




Today was super free in school. Many of the teachers weren't there. Spent most of the time taking pictures again. Because today is Laungan Merdeka, so we allowed to bring camera to school. 


 we were too free, so edited these pictures. 
* My camera could only edit all these, not like Sony type can edit all the canggih canggih pictures. x)


ChiewSiang. BeeKee

with English teacher, Pn. Doris

the future wirawati. HAHA!








me, Michelle, Atiqah, Hidayah, Lali

the ah lian and the fierce ....... no idea. x)

they cinta Malaysia??


Sejarah teacher, Pn. Hamidah

Sejarah and Science teachers

Tomorrow will be the last school day for me this week, which mean skip school on Friday. They got the merdeka thingy, have to wear traditional clothes and walk around Portugis Settlement, embarrass only. HAHA! 
and 5 days of holidays continuously, woooo! gonna enjoy kaokao! XD

not forgetting, trial just around the corner. All the best people! x)