Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was supposed to update on Sunday as I promised, unfortunately I didn't because busy cleaning the shop. Alright, I will do my Thailand trip update now. I can't remember all the stuffs I did there, I will just write what I remembered, alright?
We went there by car, Dad drove 1 and brother drove the other car. Brother went to fetch the clerks from their respective houses while us went to the shop and fetched another worker. We met at Simpang Ampat (do I spell correctly?) before we start our journey there. I slept the whole time until we reached Bukit Kayu Hitam. HAHA! Arrived Bukit Kayu Hitam around 8am, stopped by at the travel agent to do the car registration because we want to drive our own car in. After the registration, we headed to the customs to do the passport thingy, I don't know what that called. After all the stuffs, we went for breakfast at Nanod. Drove in to Hat Yai after breakfast, 1 hour journey from Nanod to Hat Yai.

Checked in to May Flower Hotel, my first time there because we usually stays at Lee Garden Hotel. Not that bad after all, the lobby decoration quite nice and the room as well. Went to 7-11 to buy shampoo and body wash, took our bathe after that. Went to shopping after that. Well, I will let the pictures do the talking now.

They sell sausages at 7-11, and it's super cheap.

took from the hotel's room

younger brother playing PSP

elder brother took this using DSLR.

yours truly. HAHA!


Had lunch at Sizzler
Fish and chips

Southwest Grilled Chicken

Elaine, Miss Ho and mommy


roasted chicken

I'm taking hers .......

and she took mine.

Elaine and Miss Loh


look at the huge prawns! 


only cost 10 Baht (RM1) each. Cheap, right?


in the tut-tut on the way going for dinner.

dad, sister, Ah Loh

mom. dad

not reaadddddy! grandfather beside dad.

she's drunk

see, I ain't lying 

this is the better one.

had dim sum and porridge for breakfast the next day before going to pasar. 

their pasar sell clothes, shoes, bags and etc. 

they sell cheap shoes. 

wooooo! love this.

I bought this! 

love their Vitagen. 

before check out.

That's all for the photos. Not much foods pictures because busy eating. HAHA! Will take more end of the year. Yes, I'm going again on December, going to celebrate Christmas Eve there. x)

School was boring these days. ICC still going on everyday which I can't ponteng at all. Slept the whole time during ICC, is really boring. Face the papers everyday, 2 hours doing the paper and 1 hour for teachers to discuss. What to do, SPM is just around the corner and all the teachers being so kiasuu! Tahan Chia Yean, 2 more weeks to go and after that I will just sitting for the SPM and no more teachers. Bagus sekali. 

Anyway, I'm going to Phuket next Thursday with mommy. Mommy got the free ticket from Am Insurance, so dad bought 1 more tickets for me. I gonna skip school next Thursday and Friday. Hope the GPK don't read my blog, if not sure I'm gonna get scold from her.