Friday, November 21, 2008


Grow taller girl, HAHA. 

I'm sure you're enjoying your birthday with your friends now, no?
May all your wishes come true and had a blast.

With love,

Friday, November 14, 2008

Heh, I'll blog about my Phuket trip now, alright?

I will just write what I remembered.

Day 1- 30th October
Woke up in the morning. Got ready everything and had breakfast after that. Went to shop for awhile then off to LCCT. Checked in our luggage and do the passport thingy. Waited about 1 hour there for the briefing. Flight departure at 12.45 am, arrived Phuket International Airport after 45 minutes. They have the 'welcome group' in the airport welcoming us, because we going in a group and the group is quite big, about 100 over people. Met our respective Malaysia and Thailand tour guides and then proceeded for lunch. After lunch, we passed by the Phuket Old Town (Old Portuguese Style Building) for a look. Then went to the famous Wat Chalong Temple, I don't find any special there. Went to Cashew Nuts Factory before checked in at The Royal Paradise Hotel. Dinner served at Secret Cliff Restaurant-great food!

had our lunch here

temple that I mentioned just now.


cashew nuts factory

hotel room

dinner. Sorry, no food eh, too hungry. x)

Jenny aunty, one of the Malacca agent and mom

The Royal Paradise Hotel

nice soap right? nice smell too.

Happy Halloween from Phuket. 
it's too late, I know.

Jungceylon . the international shopping centre, it's huge!

Day 2
Spent half the day on island. Had breakfast at hotel. Pier to board the boat for Phang Nga. Pass by some cave and mountain. You'll see the pictures after this. Lunch served in a restaurant in Panyi Island, located above the sea. After lunch, we visited Khao Phing Kan (James Bond Island), where the film- The Man With Golden Gun, was shot. Stopped at the t-shirt factory on the way to the hotel. Bought quite a lot of t-shirt there because it's very cheap and you can't find the price at Patong. Dinner at Coconut Restaurant. Walked around Patong street, there's hell lots of pub there. You can see any kind of people there and hot ang mo as well. HAHA!

the wind was super strong!

James Bond Island!

group picture before we leave.

Patong Street.


Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel again. Went for gun shooting range. I hold the real gun! and it's very hard to shoot. You will see my result later, was bad enough. I shoot twice because mom don't want to try.Great experience. Lunch served at Tangke Restaurant, great food also. Went to Gem Gallery- World largest jewelry store and Northern Thailand Bee Farm. No pictures for both of them. Got back to the hotel for shower. Then, we went to Phuket FantaSea, the ultimate cultural theme park. Superb I tell you. Is a must to go when you go Phuket, is something like fun land. and must watch the show as well. No pictures for the show because camera is not allowed in the theater. Dinner at FantaSea as well, Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant.

poooom! haha!

yesh, that's my result. Bad, right? Most of them outside the black circle.

view from my room

Patong Beach. Is a very nice beach, you can't see clear from this picture.

Phuket FantaSea

outside the theater

the lights keep on changing

the restaurant that I mentioned.

souvenirs shop

ah! the funny twins. super funny and cute when they're in the show.


Day 4- last day
Breakfast at the hotel AGAIN for the third time. Checked out from the hotel. Then, we passed by the Patong Beach. Actually we wanted to snap a picture there, but due to the time problem, we just pass by to have a look. Nice sea, the sea water sooo blue. The next time I go Phuket, I'll definitely go to Patong Beach. Next year maybe, because dad want to go after we told him how nice is Phuket. Before we go to airport, we stopped by a shop to have coconut drink. The tour company treat us. Flight departure at 3.30 pm, arrive LCCT 30 minutes after, this time is fast. Dad came and fetched us back home. That's all about my Phuket Trip.

group picture outside hotel.

our Malaysia and Thailand tour leaders.

miss all of them very much! 

SPM was officially started on Tuesday. 4 papers down and 5 more to go. Malay was fine, no enough time for my karangan, just write whatever in my mind. Sejarah was dead as usual. No enough time for me again for english essays. English 2 was not to tough, can answer most of the question except the novel. Yesterday, maths- no comment. Hope it goes well. I think I should stop here, is long enough. Bye.