Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy 20th Birthday
Camilee Noveloso

Cam, how are you there in Singapore? Doing great?
Long time no see, bila nak balik? We always can't meet when you're back in Malacca. sigh.

Anyway, today is your birthday, I'm here to wish you happy birthday. Have a sweeeeetest and memorable birthday ever.
LOVE ya always. Muahhh!

p/s: tell me when you're back, hope to meet you before I go study.
hope you can back on 21st of March, because SGM Malacca having a Cultural performance.
Tell me more, all right?

With love,

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day
to all lovebirds!

With love,

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hello! :)

This post will just full of pictures. Pictures will arrange from the newest to the oldest. I'll just let the pictures do the talking and will add some caption for some of the pictures. 

First up,

Genting Trip, 1st & 2nd of February 2009.

Carrie, Vivian and Fong.

No idea what they doing.

while waiting for the 4D movie to start


before proceed to the hotel room.

YangKwang, Vi, Carrie and Fong

aww! HAHA!

I look weird. :(

I was on the phoneee.

I know you're tall. HAHA!

wooo, YangKwang in action. x)

YK and Fong.


Spent a lot on this just to get those dolphins but didn't manage to get one also

1st day of Chinese New Year.

cousin and sister.

nice sky, ain't it?

biawak behind my house.

aunt in red.

I forced them to do this, apparently they did. :)

purposely did that face. LOL.
all right, proper one. by the way, ignore the shoes.

my toes and the apek shoes.

5th day of Chinese New Year.
(pictures taken by my brother)
dad invited the lion dance

smiley buddha? am I right?


go buy 4D, go!

mom and dad with the workers.

p/s: XinRou, this is the dong chiang boy. HAHA!

Jonker Street and Eye On Malaysia.
I can't remember when, it was quite long ago.

SzePei, Vi, Fong

Siang, Vi, Fong

sudah comel la, tak payah act lagi. haha!

I closed my eyes.

no idea...

6th uncle wedding.

5th aunt and uncle

4th aunt and uncle and cousins

eldest aunt

4th uncle and aunt and cousin

god parents and god brother which is also my aunt, uncle and cousin


mom, dad hiding behind, aunts and uncles


God brother which is also my cousin wedding.


Dad's car.

drinking chili sauce

aww. love him so much

Finally, I'm done with all the pictures.

Won't be update that often anymore. Will be at dad's shop from morning until night, by the time I arrive home will be quite late. I'll try my very best to update.