Thursday, May 28, 2009

Looking back all the schooling pictures, I super miss my secondary school life! Couldn't believe I will actually said that. Used to said how I hate my secondary life but now saya sangat sangat sangat rindu. Not really miss all the studies but missing all the activities and all those stupid stuffs we've done. Quarrel with the teachers about little things, scold those prefects for no reasons, not concentrate while teacher is teaching, rush to the canteen every Monday and Thursday for the super yummy prawns noodles, wan tan mee or mee hun kuey, gossip about others and lots more.

Juniors, spend your secondary life to the fullest if not you'll regret and miss your secondary very much just like me now. I know many of the Form 5s now can't wait to graduate, this was what we hope during this time last year as well. Ahhhhh, how I wish the time can rewind. I actually plan to go Form 6 for a few weeks to have some fun but most of my friends didn't.

Dear 5PA students (if you read this), should we plan a gathering just for us? Please leave comment on my chatbox. Hopefully we can make it because we really need to catch up. Never see each other since after results day except some close friends. Hope to see you girls respond. :)

With love,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I can't sign in my MSN! Screw that. Tried to sign in like 6329147130 times but sill cannot. That's the reason why I'm blogging. Bored to death. :( Is it Streamyx or MSN problem? I can browse most of the website but not that smooth afterall, is 10 times slower than usual.

I'm addicted to Restaurant City on Facebook, come add me people, I need more ingredients. :p

Ahhh, no idea what to write anymore. Till the next post, all right?
This is just a random one. x)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A million apologize for not updating my blog for soooo long. More than 3 months huh? The reason never update is because I can't get to log in my blog, not sure what's the problem. By the time I want to log in, it shows cookie disable or something like that. If anyone of you know how to solve it, do let me know all right? FYI, I'm using Safari browser.

I'm using Safari browser now to update this post, though. It have to go through few steps then only can update my post, it can't log in directly. I only found out today, that's why I'm updating my super dusty blog. :) Worst come to worst, I can't read my friends' private blog because of the cookie disable thingy too. Ahhhh, it's really torturing.

All right, enough all the complains. Will try to update again. :)