Sunday, September 27, 2009

This babe of mine turned 18 today. :)

the 1st picture we took together. during second day of orientation.

she is the craziest one in the class which make us love her more. :D

camwhore like nobody business anywhere we're.

me love her banyak banyak. x)

I met her on the first day of orientation.Get to know each other more on the second day and we got closer after that. We used to have lunch at college's mamak everyday with another besties of mine, Riphga. I wish I'm back there again spending those good times with all of you. I know there's always next time. :)

Tho, we weren't friends for a long time,
but, it feels like we've been friends for decades.

Me missed you alot and I mean ALOT. I hope to meet you real soon.

Happy Sweeeeeet 18th again.