Friday, October 30, 2009

A million apologize again for neglecting my blog about a month. Not the connection down nor busy, but lazy. :D Another reason I'm not updating my blog is because I've nothing much to blog about.

I've been stuck at home and office everyday. Did a little shopping with mom and sister, more on grocery and hung out with the girls once in a blue moon. Yea, seriously once in a blue moon, once a month and sometime once two months. Saddening right? But what to do, everybody busy working. :( But but but, we gonna meet again tomorrow! Just can't wait to see them and talking crap again. And I promise I'll be back to blog with pictures.

One more thing, I was chatting with Camilee this afternoon on Facebook, we are planning to go HatYai perhaps end of this year or next year. Vivian Loh and Eric Loh, the siblings, you all better make it and make this trip happen. Gonna be lots of fun if the 4 of us going. No worries, I'll plan everything and make sure you all enjoy there. :D So, let me know asap. ;)

Will be back to blog again sometime soon, do come back! :)

yeshhh! I missed all of them! I missed DT33!