Saturday, November 21, 2009

Poh Jia Lin!

I hope you had a blast on your big day with your loved ones ;)

See you on Thursday!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hmmm, an overdue post. Last minute yamcha session with Vi, Siang and Jioe.

Siang came and fetched me with Vi in the car. Went to Old Town DP and Siang left after awhile. Both Vi and I walked around, Jioe came and fetched us after that.

funny faces of Vi's

Uncle John it was after that. Jioe dropped us home, thanks for the ride yo! ;)

♥ them lotssss! and not forgetting our dearest Fong *winks*

that's all for last Monday :)

I can't wait for next Thursday's KL trip with them kiddos and JiaLin!
and and and next Saturday cake decorating class. Hope it gonna be fun and not too difficult to decorate the cake.

2 more weeks till my big day *wink wink* ;D

Last but not least, I would like to share a very touching video Rachel shared on Facebook just now.

Honestly, I cried when I'm watching this :'( It's soooo touching.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun times ♥

Yea, I'm here now doing last Saturday's post.

Fong came and fetched me around 6pm along with XinRou and turtle in the car. Off we went to DP after that. Walked around both MP and DP until the time to go Jonker.

Fong and Turtle :)

:D funneh faces

Turtle gorgeous girlfriend? :P

me love the first one, xinrou asked us to stand behind her, we insisted to stand way behind and she didn't notice. :D

Dropped by Fong's house then Jonker after that. We went Jonker for the sake of Asam Laksa, but the shop was closed and it was raining there. Walked all the way back to the car park then had our dinner at Q Best Steamboat.


Then off we go to Wings Cafe. Xiang came and joined us after that.

OTW to Wings Cafe

funny faces again



I had a great time with all of them. Next outing soooon!