Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One day trip to KL ;)

Went up to KL for a day trip on the 26th November. It's a trip organized by my aunt for her tuition students. But there're more adults joined than kiddos.

Visited High 5 Bread Town, Easy Pha-max factory, Tugu Negara and Mines for the book fair and a little shopping. A very tiring trip, take care of them kiddos is not easy but we had fun, though. ;)

my tiny Ah Mei!

High 5 Bread Town

Ah Mei's mom, Aunty Siew Chan

them kiddos

say HIGH FIVE!!! :D

Jia Lin

cousin Jie Yin

Easy Pha-max factory

Rui Ning on the right

credits to Jia Lin!

adorable right? my future model for photoshooting :)

students and the teacher


the so called awesome gang ;P

More photos on Facebook :)

Next post, my surprised 18th birthday. Stay tuned.

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